Why This Community?


“I alone cannot change the world, but I cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” ~ Mother Theresa




  • Because we thrive as we witness and are witnessed by each other.
  • Because we are catalyzed through each others’ triumphs.
  • Because we learn and grow so much faster together.
  • Because community amplifies clarity, lifting confusion while simultaneously
    changing your personal experiences and the collective story.
  • Because I know that by sharing my experiences and learning about yours, that together we ignite a flame that sparks life into new creation!


Do you have any of these thoughts?

  • I have little interest in small talk, the news, or nay-sayers
  • I feel elated when I engage with others who ‘speak my new language,’ but it makes me feel like I don’t belong with my old friends
  • Time flies when my heart is open; I share what I am discovering freely. I wish I could find a place to be this open all the time
  • My creativity is off the charts when I’m surrounded by others that get me; I’m ready for more of that in my life
  • Why does it all feel so close, but I can’t quite reach what I feel is here for me?
  • I feel my heart’s calling, yet I can’t see it clearly
  • I’m having extraordinary metaphysical experiences and don’t know why they’re happening or how to apply them in my life
  • The old ‘tools’ feel old; I’m tired of all of the self-analysis and heavy lifting; I feel like I’m sometimes running in a spiritual loop
  • I can’t connect to my guides, higher self, or guidance
  • Are there advanced metaphysical tools that I am missing or that I’m just not wired to receive?
  • What’s next in this evolution of Awakening?
  • I’m ready to let go of the old ways of doing things
  • Why I struggle, yet others seem like they’re not struggling at all?

Familiar Right?!




When we’re in communion with others and held in the belief that everything is sacred, we see ourselves reflected in other kindred spirits
who are also invested in their spiritual and personal growth.

Together, we find home within ourselves.

Transformation and recalibration amplify when we gather with compassion and unconditional love.  

In this community, all “shadow”—fear, anger, and judgment is welcome and held by me, as your guide, as love.

There is nothing you could share or say or any emotion that you have been carrying that is not welcome here in this unconditionally loving space.

It’s embraced just as fiercely as blissful states and huge “Aha!” moments.

This is a space for the full spectrum of you to be held … it’s all sacred

Community helps us re-calibrate & hold the frequency of love

Living an extraordinary life is not a linear journey. We learn and grow organically.

We continue expanding and re-calibrating over and over—even after we think we’ve mastered something.

Do you ever feel like you take two steps forward and then one step back?

As you adjust to our new life and way of being, you discover that life changes in ways we were never taught how to cope with.

New opportunities show up and old ways of being, die.

You enter into endless cycles of birth, death, and rebirth all during this one incarnation—while simultaneously experiencing new realities and epic timeline jumps.

Sometimes, you feel lonely, yet also excited, because you feel like  your’re walking towards something bigger than you have experienced before. New paradigms await you.

This can seem confusing and difficult to talk about. It’s not a straight line or black and white. You’ve entered the world of non-duality—and that can be challenging to share with others..

You don’t have a lot of language around it; as you grow and become more connected to Source, it can feel as though you’re less connected to those around you.


That is why this conscious community is so powerful. We hold each other Because we are in this together.



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