Thank you for joining us on this journey of self discovery!

Each week for the next 5 weeks you will be receiving course material to guide you through your personal journey. Each week you will receive a link for the week’s call that you can download and save to your computer, a written transcript and any homework assignments for the week.

I highly encourage you to listen to each call more than once as the energy shared can go deeper each time you have relationship with it and open new layers of awareness.

I will also share guidance in each email to encourage self-care and to stimulate the embodiment of the energy and information you are receiving.

So are you ready to begin? OK, let’s get started!

Listen Now by clicking on the play button below.


I highly suggest you listen to the course before you access the transcript and assignment so that you can have context for the material.


Course 1 follow up:

Wow! I wasn’t sure how the energy was going to present itself in this course. I could feel the pulse of the vortex we opened as a collective and could see where it is leading you individually and all of us collectively as a group.

Please take time for self-care all week but especially today and tomorrow

  • Drink lots of water. When you do, please bless the water with your love to augment its vibrational frequency to match what you are bringing in.
  • Walk and talk with the trees around you.
  • If you are close to water, go for a walk and allow the stream or wave to cleanse you and also allow it to play with your being. Remember that it’s always a relationship. When we are receiving we are also gifting and vice-versa.

I’ve also created a link to give you direct access to this week’s primary guided journey. Please listen to the full course before diving into this experience as it will give you context for the process and allow you to receive its full benefits.

Additional tip for the week after you listening to Course 1…

When you go to the mirror, set your intention to be in innocence and wonder and allow the flow of what emerges to guide you. Allow yourself to feel the depth of each layer, and if you ever feel it is overwhelming feel me with you, behind you with your guides, holding your hand and heart in the truth of what is…Love.

Enjoy this week’s journey! Dive in, explore, adventure and become amazed at what show’s up in this space of self intimacy.