Welcome to Course 2!

Before starting this second journey take a moment to reflect on any shift in energy that you may have experienced from your interaction with Course 1.

Allow the intimacy of your interaction to speak to you as this short time of reflection will assist to facilitate your assimilation to the vibrational cohesion that you are inviting in and have been preparing to receive.

Take a breath in and as you do so acknowledge the benevolence that is working with you, regardless of the emotions that were stirred up from your first journey. Recognize it all as a gift and set the intention to relax into the awareness that what you are experiencing right now is a catalyst for the well spring of your personal transformation and on path for your soul and it’s creative expansion.


Click the play button below to access Class 2.

You can listen here and also download the link to your computer. 

Cosmic Shaman - Course 2

by John Burgos

Course 2 Review

What a powerful space you all are holding for this course! I ‘m the teacher and also the student. We are growing to new heights together! Keep allowing yourself to swirl in the energy of what is being transmitted.

You are merging aspects of self that have been trying to hold themselves in separation. Trust that this process is evolving within you and gift yourself the time, compassion and understanding as the integration of your mind, body, spirit and heart continue to merge into one.

This week’s assignment:

  • Listen to Sun Meditation from Week 1
  • Listen to Doorway Journey from this week
  • Keep working with the phrases from last week and add this week’s phrases to your routine (Document is attached to this email)
  • Mirror conversation – Set aside at least 10 minutes to have the conversation as I described on today’s call Have fun! Play!
  • Ask your little one what she/he wants to do and go do it!!! Make this a priority over anything else!!! Go eat ice cream, play in the mud, go to the park and swing, get some chalk and color your driveway, go to a Disney animated movie (you get the picture). Let go of your daily routine and make this the most important thing that you do all week.

I can feel the shifts reverberating through you. Sometimes this reverberation can feel uncomfortable and sometimes really expansive. The beautiful part is that we, as humans, are here to experience all of it. It is our awareness and relationship to this awareness that can make our journey one of riddled with doubt and confusion or a journey filled with wonder, excitement, and awe.

Here is the link to the homework and statements and instructions on how to interact with them:

And here’s the written transcript for course 2 :

When you go to the mirror, set your intention to be in innocence and wonder. You do not have to know the answer and can relax into the freedom that this awareness engenders! Allow the flow of what emerges to guide you. Allow yourself to feel the depth of each layer, and if you ever feel it is overwhelming you, feel me with you, behind you with your guides, holding your hand and heart in the truth of what is…Love.

And here’s the link to download the Doorway Journey Process:

Please wait to listen to the process until after you have participated in course 2.

I am here cheering you on during all of the stages. Energetically tap into me whenever you feel you need a guiding light, whether in conscious awareness or dream state, I’m here for you and look forward to ‘seeing’ you in Course 3!