Course 3 is a vital and powerful energetic review and tune up.

There has been a lot of information streaming through the first two courses. There is a tremendous about information, integration and energy that is coming to the surface because you made the decision to focus the spotlight in a certain direction.

As you allow yourself to understand that the choice of your experience is what has led you to this journey you will also begin to understand at a deeper level than ever before how masterful you are and have been on creating. (Notice that I did not use the word ‘manifesting’) You are a Creator being. Manifestation comes as an effect of what you have chosen to create. So, let’s go straight to the source and know that what we manifest is in effect of how we have chosen to create… Whew! Try not to get too heady with this.

What I am doing with these words and during each course is inviting you into a vortex, if you will, a tornado of energy that I am spinning that holds a certain vibration of cohesion with Christ consciousness or what some would call the experience of 5-D and above..

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Cosmic Shaman - Course 3

by John Burgos

As we practice, with intentionality, holding this field over and over again, we become more adept at it. So regardless of the situation or the current story running in your life, as long as you begin to set the intention in alignment with this golden light frequency and focus your awareness towards a harmonious union in a relationship with the promises of the possibility you seeking you will organically being to flow towards it. Focus your light on where you are, in the now, and then choose to create from there. Use your higher level emotions to collapse the timeline and feel into the manifestation that you are creating as if it is happening NOW.

Feel the expansion and grace of love. Feel the success. Feel the freedom. Feel your power. Feel your compassion, and most of all, Feel the joy, Feel the ease, Feel the happiness, Feel into gratitude.

When hitting the emotional tone of gratitude it will also serve to guide you into the wave that is being invoked by the candle process that we will be journeying through together during this course.

Feel the wave of gratitude as you allow the future wave that you are feeling collapse into the now moment. You are bridging the future into the present.

Take a deep breath and relax into your power as a creator. Feel the wave of what you have already created show up as a manifestation in the now! For you could not have manifested that feeling if you have not already created it! It would be outside of you. Wow!

Relax in the KNOWING that it is done. It has materialized as a manifestation of your creation that you choose to focus on, fed by your emotions, your strength, your compassion and the light that your love is always guiding you towards. You are shedding those belief systems and situations that no longer hold a candle to your current vibration (couldn’t help it use that analogy:-)). Congratulations!

Keep focusing your light in this new direction and tap into your divine power of creation. Phrases to add to mirror process this week are in the Course 3 Group Homework.

Here is the link to the homework and statements and instructions on how to interact with them:

And here’s the written transcript for course 3 :

When you go to the mirror, set your intention to be in innocence and wonder and allow the flow of what emerges to guide you. Allow yourself to feel the depth of each layer, and if you ever feel it is overwhelming feel me with you, behind you with your guides, holding your hand and heart in the truth of what is…Love.

The following are the supplements that I mentioned in this course.

  • Vitmineral Earth – for grounding
  • Skate Oil – Anti-inflammatory and also excellent for decalcifying the pineal gland

And here is the link to download the Candle Meditation that we did on the call:

I am amazed at how quickly the energy is moving through this class. Thank you for showing up!