This course will take you deeper into the awareness of the ‘Cosmic’ Shaman that you are!

The experiences that you continue to choose to invite into your awakened life and in dream state, as you will learn in today’s exploration, are all an illustration of the journey that you are ready to embark upon that is ready to be discovered and integrated into your everyday life experiences. (Feel into how empowering this is!)

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Cosmic Shaman - Course 4

by John Burgos

Course 4 Review

As you journey through the emotions that set the stage for the story to unfold, you are becoming aware that you get to be the director, producer, star, and cinematographer. The tools that you are equipping yourself with are a gift from you to you which you will keep remembering as you walk through this beautiful shamanic journey, traveling through timelines and alternate realities to bring back self-awareness, self-compassion, self-exploration, self-empowerment, and self-love, all of which invite you into taking yourself back and then risking all of those aspects of self again, to only then again decide to traverse new unknowns, daring that we know that there is still more to explore, know and embrace as an emanation of love from Source.

For now, take the time to stop and smell the roses and take the cherished time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Give yourself a huge hug in gratitude for how you have bravely chosen to show up. Even in the exploration of fear, doubt, and judgment, you have chosen to explore these places that have been seeking enlightenment. It’s not a journey for the meek and you have answered the call in greater ways than you can understand in this moment. Gift yourself the time to breathe in the feeling of the peace that this awareness is engendering and the peace that comes from the trust of knowing that the Universe will give you your new set of instructions and road map when it’s the perfect time.

There’s liberation and power that is fusing in. The “P” word is coming in charged and ready to be embraced in its wholeness. This invites non-judgement of aspects that we may have felt were too ‘masculine’, too inflexible, too direct….embrace it all. It’s all a version of the¬†totality of you and with its authority, you will be a greater leader of your Divine Kingdom.

Here’s the link to the Heart Kingdom Activation for you to listen to.

Give yourself a couple of days of assimilation with the new energy before diving back in again. It’s pretty powerful and requires nurture.

You’re doing an amazing job walking this experiential journey! Just believe, breath and invite each day to show you the magic that it is waiting to gift to you!

‘See’ you next week!