This may be the final week of our cosmic journey together but it’s also a new beginning for you!

Course 5 is going to take you deeper into your metamorphosis, igniting more remembrance of your innate strength and wisdom and take you on yet another shamanic journey to realms that are seeking intimacy with your heart, body, mind and soul.

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Cosmic Shaman - Course 5

by John Burgos

Course 5 Review

Make sure that you create sacred space as you interact with this week’s journey. You have experienced a deep dive into processes and a reworking of mental frameworks that will have you seeing the world through a new lens. Take time to commune with nature. Drink plenty of water and doing something that is outside of your routine.

Go for a bike ride, jump in the ocean, build a snowman, go out for ice cream or treat yourself to that soothing hot bath and massage that you’ve been putting off. The key here is to try new experiences and allow them to stimulate your reacquainted aspects that are excited to be here with you and ready to experience you in a whole new manner.

Here’s the direct link to this week’s journey. You can access course 5 transcript here.

For course 5 homework’s assignment I want you to attack it with the vigor of an impassioned preschooler! Have fun, explore, be messy, and forget about getting it perfect! Be for heaven’s sake do it!

You’ve been surfing some big energetic waves. Reflect back on where you were when you started this course and where you are now. Be aware of the shifts and honor both the past, present and the future you are walking into with the reverence of self that you so graciously deserve!

It has been my honor to participate on this adventure with you and witness the miracle of your self enlightenment. You are a powerful force of nature in your own right and with the intention of your love you can bend the illusion of suffering for yourself and for the world around you. I am humbled by your love and presence in my life.