It is with my sincere gratitude and love that I would like to thank you for playing with me in the Cosmic field and bravely journeying with wonder and awe of what could be on the other side.

Walking the Cosmic Shaman’s Path has for me, been an experience of joy and amazement as we have seen, collectively for each other and individually, miracles unfold before our very eyes. What would once may have appeared foreign to us has become a part of a new landscape that has been seeded with possibilities and opportunities for self-expression, love and a connection to something beyond and far greater than we had given ourselves permission to access before.

As you continue to take leaps through dimensions and timelines that grant you, even more, access to your divinity, remember… Remember that you are in this timeline, in human form, having a human experience and in that, you get to be perfectly imperfect. Remember to enjoy the ride and celebrate being in the moment.

Remember that you get to play. Remember that you get to be joy. Remember that you also get to be anger and fear and sadness. Embrace it all as it is all leading you back home. Back to the you that you glimpse in certain moments and that you know is there, nudging you forward towards something that your heart recognizes but that your mind can’t fully comprehend. And with that just try to remember and relax into the knowing that anything that you may have forgotten is only but another seed you have planted, waiting to bloom so that you may appreciate it’s beauty once revealed.

Remember the Love that is calling you. Remember who you are. Remember that you have support from places seen and unseen, cheering you on in this wondrous journey called Life.

The tools I shared and you interacted with are now part of you. Keep working with the statements as they are unlocking doorways to new realities. Go through a round of 30 days and document any changes that you notice. Be aware of and become intimate with your personal growth and give yourself credit, love, and acknowledgment for how you have been showing up for you. Even by just taking the time to show up, without expectation or agenda, recalibrates the manner in which you project yourself into the world in ways that are unquantifiable. Show up, and based on my experiences, miracles will show up ready to co-create with you.

One statement that I would like for you to add to the list is the following:

I am proud of you! John, I am proud of you.

State this at the very end of your statement session with the following;

I love you I trust you I support you I am proud of you!

As you continue to interact with the information we shared, please take a break from it all at times as well and revisit when your heart calls to it. Take time to go out and enjoy the fruits of your labor. To apply in your daily life what you are remembering and let it blossom as a unique expression of you. As you do that, you become an example of what is being made possible in this new age of lightworkers, as illuminators of self-love, divine love, and that of which is really what some would call unconditional love. It’s time for you, in your divine power to take the reins again. You are response-able and also divine creators of life. I’m excited for the world.

And remember to join me and our guests on Beyond The Ordinary Show where we get to continue and expand on this journey and so much more!

To make it easier to access your materials, I’ve included the links for all of the calls (which you will want to download and save to your computer, the transcripts, processes and homework assignments.

Thank you again for joining me. You have enriched my life in ways words cannot adequately express.