Seemingly small adjustments to awareness, when added to the depth of processes and experience, have a dramatic impact on our ability to create a life beyond what we can imagine … and truly live in the extraordinary.

~John Burgos

Here’s what to Expect:

With your membership, you can expect to be embraced and held—unconditionally—by me and a powerful community of kindred spirits.

Our live meetings and Q&As will be facilitated with non-judgmental love—a love that fiercely sees the truth of who you really are, in all of your magnificent potential.

 You’ll be held by the powerful presence of the Cosmic Shaman—a unique energy I carry; some have described it as a wise, strong and fatherly archetype.


You might know that love … that powerful, steady, loving energy that believes in all of your dreams and holds your hand, all while watching your back.

Along the way, I’ll play and laugh with you, not allowing any of the old stories of fear and doubt hold you back from the love and success you deserve and where born to experience!

In a nutshell

This isn’t a course or workshop. There is no curriculum. It’s pure presence…

You’ll Receive:

  • Live, online video meetings that support you to up-level your life and spirituality ( you can also call in to listen if you prefer an audio format)
  • Live Q&A sessions—you can ask me anything!
  • Weekly emails with brand new content for you to discover
  • Access to all the teachings I’ve received and integrated over the past 11 years from my guides, the Divine, and amazing spiritual leaders
  • Discounts and exclusive special offers only available to LITE members, like 1:1 sessions, retreats, BTO offers, and more
  • Surprises along the way— to support you in the expansion of the frequency attunement you receive
  • Personal membership website portal where all your trainings and the recorded audio/videos are held for you 24/7
  • Private LITE FaceBook group to be in fellowship and commune with your spiritual family
  • All meetings are recorded and saved to your own personal dashboard
  • All replays of live calls are available in audio and video format!

Every step I take in the light is mine forever.”

—Swami Vivekananda

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