A short story about me.

I’ve been moved by the profound, mystical experiences that ignited my ability to pierce the veil to communicate with different realms.

Because I’m now exponentially heightened in my intuitive abilities and connection to Source, I have dedicated my passions to illuminating this truth of Divine connection, inherent intuition and the freedom it engenders to the masses.

I am now truly living an extraordinary life.

It’s beyond the satisfaction of material things. I have found myself and am experiencing opportunities I had never imagined possible before…

But it wasn’t always this way...

While I certainly had some amazing pinnacle experiences of joy, joy was not always what led my life. I felt like I didn’t belong.

I wasn’t easily understood and other than the love I have for my daughters, I felt like life held no meaning for me. Simultaneously I had a spark burning inside me. I knew that there had to be an end to the ride of this exhausting abyss of suffering that I was on.

Something dramatically shifted around my 40th birthday…

I found myself having mystical experiences I had no reference for. I started seeing energy around people, animals, trees and flowers. I began experiencing prophetic dreams that would manifest in my waking life within days.

My meditations were filled with guides and teachers from other realms, sharing information from ancient mystery schools and ascended masters. It was mind blowing and all quite normal at the same time forgotten about. I had lost the connection somehow and it was reignited.

And as I applied this new found guided wisdom, my whole life changed. I awakened to a new way of Living.

I embraced a newfound sense of passion, purpose and the unquenchable desire to share my experiences with people from all around the world.

I am now in love with my life and
I’m dedicated to helping you embrace love in yours!

The love, connection and success which use to elude me, have come bless my life as the result of the frequency of consciousness that I have learned how to embody.

The confusion has turned to clarity.

The loneliness to sovereignty.

The aggravation to compassion.

The fear to love.

For me it’s now Love only Love….

About John

John Burgos, activist, mystic, social entrepreneur and host of Beyond The Ordinary Show.

He has committed his life to improving and enriching the lives of others.

He created Beyond The Ordinary Show to unite and lead the next generation of transformation.

John is widely known as a leader in the human potential field.

He is a sought after teacher and speaker who thrives when collaborating with emerging and provocative spiritual leaders, exposing and bringing light to the shared power of the awakened collective consciousness.